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270 Titicus Road, PO BOX 313
North Salem, NY 10560
Ph. 914-669-5177 Fax 914-669-8460

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for collecting all taxes levied within the Town including the two school districts serving North Salem. She collects our local taxes, North Salem's portion of the Westchester County tax and State taxes, and local Special District taxes. State, County and Town taxes are collected in April. School taxes are collected in September and January, with 50% being due each collection period.

It is advisable to check your address of record in the Receiver's Office, especially if you have just paid off a mortgage and tax bills are to be sent to you instead of your lending institution. A correct address is your responsibility.

For your convenience, the receiver's office is open on the last Saturday before a tax due date. Call the office and a recording will give you the specific hours and dates. The Receiver of Taxes is elected to a four-year term.

Karen Roach

Karen Roach
Receiver of Taxes


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