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Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, call 1-800-272-9829 or visit At the prompt, enter Jurisdiction Code 4213. There is a 3% fee to use this service.  A credit card may only be used to pay a full Town and County tax bill, a full School tax bill, or a complete half School tax installment.  Any partial payments will be returned and penalties will be applied.
On-line payment, what to look out for
Most banks and services mailing your tax payments do not use a US or other valid postmark affixed to the envelope. When it's close to the due date, this could result in penalties. Please see the "postmark" details under the "Special Warnings" tab on the left.
Who to call when bank or mortgage company tax payment is late?
Call us; you may not be responsible for penalties if it is the mortgage company's error. We'll help you confirm that your charges and escrow amounts are correct.
Bounced checks and "check 21"
Changes in check processing procedures reduces the amount of time for checks to clear, sometimes just overnight. Make sure you know your banks procedures to avoid return checks and/or late payment fees.
Why is the Penalty on 2nd half of school tax bill so much
School tax bills are mailed in September and due by September 30. Our county allows for "installment" payments, but this does not change the penalty schedule if you fail to meet the installment deadlines. If you miss the second installment, the penalty is based upon the September 30 due date and immediately jumps to 10%.
Who do I call with a question about my school tax budget?
If you live in the North Salem School District, please call their business office at 669-5414. If you live in the Union Free School District [Katonah-Lewisboro], call their business office at 763-7000


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