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Civil Jurisdiction

Civil Cases
North Salem Court has jurisdiction over actions and proceedings for the recovery of money or property, provided that:
·      the plaintiff lives or works in North Salem, and the defendant lives or works in Westchester County; or
·      the defendant lives or works in North Salem regardless of plaintiff’s residence; and
·      the amount or the value of the personal property sought to be recovered does not exceed $3,000, with the exception of landlord/tenant matters where the monetary jurisdiction is unlimited.
Filing Fees
            Filing of first paper - $20.00
            Demand for Jury Trial - $10.00
            Notice of Appeal - $5.00
Replevin Action
Common law action to recover goods wrongfully taken or withheld.

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 Small Claims
Small Claims are informal Court proceedings to recover money only for an amount not to exceed $3,000, provided that:
·       the action is filed in the jurisdiction where the defendant lives, works or has a place of business; and
·       the plaintiff is an individual or sole proprietor over the age of 18 years.
Filing Fees  [Uniform Justice Court Act Sec. 1803(a)]
                        Claims of $1,000 or less - $10.00
                        Claims of more than $1,000 - $15.00
For more detailed information on commencing a Small Claims proceeding, please consult the:

Small Claims Guide prepared by the New York State Unified Court System

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Landlord/Tenant Proceedings
The North Salem Court has jurisdiction over landlord/tenant proceedings for non-payment of rent, evictions, holdover, and to compel repairs. The monetary jurisdiction is unlimited.

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Wedding Ceremonies
Town Justices are authorized to officiate at wedding ceremonies throughout New York State. While a standard civil ceremony may be used, the couple may request changes to the ceremony to fit their wishes. If you are interested in having a Town Justice officiate at a wedding, please contact the Justice Court to obtain further information.


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