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North Salem, NY 10560
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The Building Inspector is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Town's Zoning Ordinance (Code Chapter 250) as well as the Building Codes of NYS. The Building Inspector is also the Fire Inspector and performs fire safety and property maintenance inspections.

Additionally, the Building Inspector oversees compliance with Site Development Plan approval (obtained from the Planning Board) and several Town Laws including those pertaining to Wetlands, Tree Cutting, Importing and Exporting Fill, Blasting (and Fireworks), and Storm-water.

The administration and enforcement of the above is accomplished via a variety of permits, certificates of occupancy, certificates of compliance, and citing violations of any of the above plus pursuing them to a conclusion that either corrects, mitigates, and/or remediates the violation.

Paul Taft

Building Inspector

Rosemary James

Rosemary James
Office Assistant


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